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What is “this is not your grandmothers house”!

I’m one that firmly believes that your living space should reflect your personality more than anything else.  Artist can express themselves on canvas and we songwriters are dope with the vocal type of expression, but anyone can express themselves through their living space; it’s the ultimate canvas.  Strangely enough though, I have friends whose living rooms remind me of my grandmothers… you know what I mean, that Early American china chest with the china that you use (“Oh hell” , you don’t remember the last time you used it).  I remember back in the day when people had rooms (it was usually the living area) that were totally non functional.  These rooms were supposed to be reserved for when company was over and most of the time these         rooms looked like “why would anyone want to sit in here?”. Some of them looked more like funeral parlors.  With the prices per square foot for a home these days, it’s completely ludicrous to have non-functional space or or a complete room set aside for entertaining and memorializing the “dead”.

It’s not about discretionary income, either.  I always say that people with real style can walk into a second hand store and come out looking like a million bucks.  When people walk into my house, they know before they get through the entry way that they’ve just entered an artist’s home. .  I have an eclectic home that fuses antiques with contemporary. It’s fun, interesting and functional.  Art is , also, very important, and doesn’t have to be expensive.  As far as photos or portraits go, I’ve collected old black and whites of my mom and aunts from the 50’s in formal gowns, even my parents wedding shots and put them in antique frames.  I, even, had my kids professional portraits done to fit the theme, by dressing them in old timey clothes and doing black and whites.  These all look like art in my house as opposed to photos.  Let’s face it , Junior’s football pictures and Shaquita’s prom picture are all cherished memoirs, but nobody cares about them but you, put ’em in an album.

I  have a good friend with three small boys, ages 4, 2 and 1. She gets it! Years ago before the boys, she had a elegantly furnished home, jacguards, tapestries and velvets flowing everywhere. She sold it all. She is designing a functional space around the boys, she can’t keep them pinned in and sitting down all of the time, they’re boys. She has made every space functional and fun for the boys. She is wanting to turn her entire living room into a game room, card table to play blackjack, shelves with popular games, both vintage and current for all ages like Candy Land, Operation, Chutes and Ladders, Monopoly, Chinese Checkers and Backgammon. She is looking for a large enough flat screen so that they can play interactive games on their Sony Playstation, Gamebox and , even, Nintendo. You might say her living room is more like a den, no it is a room for living in and chillin’. Her den is filled with places for the boys to nap and have quiet time and watch television, while she cooks in the adjacent kitchen.  Every space in the house should be used for your living enjoyment!  

Now THIS is a FUN HOUSE!! Check out these wall hangers.

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What are the abc’s of life in a nutshell!

  1. Acknowledge others wholeheartedly who have contributed to your success and to your being.
  2. Articulate yourself well.
  3. Achieve your goals
  4. Associate with positive people only.
  5. Balance your checkbook after every transaction.
  6. Bridge the gaps that exists between ages, races and religions etc.
  7. Brag on others and not yourself, let others boast about you.
  8. Build up others.
  9. Calendar all your appointments.
  10. Capture every moment with a camera.
  11. Cement God’s word in your heart.
  12. Challenge yourself to be your very best.
  13. Create a good environment everywhere you go.
  14. Dedicate yourself to a worthwhile cause.
  15. Deepen your understanding of the principles that govern the universe.finished
  16. Defend the weak.
  17. Deal with problems immediately.
  18. Discard tattered clothing, especially underwear and shoes.
  19. Donate to charity.
  20. Effect change.
  21. Encircle yourself with those that love you.
  22. Erase negative thoughts.
  23. Exercise daily.
  24. Fast at least once a month for at least one day from television, food, alcohol etc for spiritual, physical and/or emotional purposes.
  25. Feed your mind, body and spirit with healthy options only.
  26. Forgive others swiftly.’
  27. Gather resources.
  28. Garner the favor of others.
  29. Go to bed early.
  30. Handle matters effectively.
  31. Help the needy.
  32. Hold yourself and others accountable.
  33. Ignite the interest of others in  your campaigns.
  34. Iron out the kinks before embarking on a project or and adventure.
  35. Inspire others to do their best.
  36. Jam pack your life with adventure.
  37. Jettison junk you do not need or want.
  38. Jog to improve your health.
  39. Join worthwhile organizations.
  40. Journey to faraway places.
  41. Juice daily to improve your health.
  42. Keep your promises.
  43. Kiss loved ones daily.
  44. Knock on the door of opportunity until someone answers.
  45. Know as much as you can about yourself, those you love and your competition.
  46. Labor with a goal in mind.
  47. Lace your shoes tightly.
  48. Launch a business venture.
  49. Lean only on the Lord.
  50. Learn on your own way.
  51. Liberate yourself from faulty thinking.
  52. Lighten your load ( worries, debt, relationships that are not favorable)
  53. Listen than speak.
  54. Live one day at a time.
  55. Log every detail.
  56. Maintain good records.
  57. Maintenance your vehicle regularly.
  58. Maneuver through life carefully.
  59. Map out a plan for your life.
  60. Market yourself.
  61. Marvel at the beauty of nature.
  62. Master as many skills as you can
  63. Materialize your dreams.
  64. Mean what you say and say what you mean.
  65. Meet the needs of those who employ you.
  66. Nap when you can.
  67. Negate the negative.
  68. Nip it in the bud.
  69. Obey the law.
  70. Observe others.
  71. Obliterate the enemy.
  72. Organize, organize, organize.
  73. Override poor decisions.
  74. Participate with discretion.
  75. Partner with those who have proven track records.
  76. Patent your invention.
  77. Patrol your territory.
  78. Patronize worthy businesses
  79. Pay bills timely.
  80. Pave a way for others.
  81. Pen your thoughts.
  82. Play an instrument.
  83. Play sports.
  84. Pick friends carefully
  85. Pinpoint the problem, but be a part of the solution.
  86. Pray without ceasing.
  87. Present your best case and your best self.
  88. Press toward the highest mark.
  89. Proceed with caution.
  90. Prosper.
  91. Propose a game plan.
  92. Qualify for the competition.
  93. Quicken your pace.
  94. Quiet naysayers.
  95. Reach for the top.
  96. Rest your case.
  97. Save someone along the way.
  98. Stop and pay attention.
  99. Steer clear of trouble.
  100. Stay true to yourself.
  101. Understand others and what is going on around you.
  102. Vote.

What is fresh from Y-3 for Fall!


Y-3 2009 Fall/Winter Hemla


An interesting fusion of boot and high top sneaker that comes in two versions, one clean leather version and one vintage leather version.


What is the Road Sta!




Bape is back out with the metallic joints.  I love these gold and siver Road Sta’s as well as the the sandal version they call the Shooting Sta.


What is a pad!


Worlds largest house!

World's largest house!


What is FUNNY AS HELL (vol. 4)

Traveling the world is to me, one of the most rewarding perks of the hard work ,we put into making hit records.  Of all the places, our visits to Africa have to have been, by far, the most intriguing.  At times, however depending on the country and place, the downside of these visits were the issues of security.  Some areas of many African countries are so impoverished that crime is rampant and it can be a very dangerous place for Americans of our status to be without a security detail.


The World Famous Tony Williams' African security detail ... yes, those are tasers!!

Scams were another issue, you just didn’t know who you could trust, the whole place was corrupt.  I remember the briefing pamphlets that we were issued, before we left home ,even,warned about being bribed by local police.  It just made me feel like I couldn’t have enough security that was dedicated to the sole task of protecting the World Famous Tony Williams.  I set out on a mission to strengthen my forces and after a few inquiries was given a  number to a man that was known simply as Jappa.

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What is TTD!

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