What Is Fit!

Having traveled the world several times over the last five years and being an avid runner, might might make me the closest thing to a real life Forest Gump.  The cool thing about my runs are that it gives me a great opportunity to see and learn that particular metropolitan area.  I’ve ranked my three favorite runs in the world as such: 1. Central Park in New York 2. The Sydney, Australia downtown loop that includes the circling of the Sydney Opera house and a trek across the Sydney Harbor Bridge and back, and 3. Runyun Canyon in Hollywood.

If you enjoy running half as much as I do, or even if you try’na jump on a quick training regiment to get your sexy back before summer gets here,  you’d like the Nike+ Ipod Sport Kit.  But first,  you gotta cop some Nike+ running shoes         and an ipod Nano.  Once you’ve got that happening, just slip the Nike+ sensor into the pocket under       neath the insole, then snap the wireless receiver into you’re ipod                                                                    

and its on.  Not only can you you listen to your customized “running” playlist, but this joint is gonna track your progress by providing feedback on distance, time, pace, and calories burned directly through the headphones.  After you finish the run “o’ girl” gives you a personal performance summary that can be seen on the screen as well as heard through your headphones.  Get your sexy back!!


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