What is camboo!

It is not a secret it that I travel and travel a lot and so I carry my travel kit with me. The kit includes a throw, an eye mask and socks. It is nothing worse than taking a long flight overseas and being uncomfortable. I can’t tolerate being cold, especially when I am tired and trying to sleep. For that reason, I have to have a blanket.  An eye mask might seem a little feminine, but there is nothing worse than arriving to a city where the sun is just coming up and your body is telling you that it is night time because you haven’t been able to sleep on the plane. That little mask helps tell your body “nighty night”! As for the socks, it is good to have a nice pair when you take off your kicks to wiggle your toes and keep the blood circulating! Now, I will tell you, there is a luxury travel kit for the “luxist”, you know any one who is a feign for luxury. This travel kit is made of camboo, a recently created fiber that combines cashmere and camboo, two of the softest most comfortable as well as comforting fibers to the the touch. Before you hit the runway for your getaway, make sure you have your very own travel set.

soft...comfortable...comforting...lets cuddle up in camboo!

soft...comfortable...comforting...let's cuddle up in camboo!


3 Responses to “What is camboo!”

  1. 1 beau Daniels
    May 10, 2011 at 4:26 PM

    I agree that camboo is soft warm and light, Is it a man made product or is it the soft hair of some rare creature??

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