What is tv!

I love watching sports bedside and there is nothing better than watching them on a hi-def mega screen. I am grateful for new technology and now I want a television that has Samsung’s new LED monitor, the Samsung P2370L thin LED monitor.monitor, This monitor is said to offer higher definition, more vibrant colors and better contrast than any of the LCD monitors.  Even better is that  it uses 30% less energy, has a longer shelf  life than conventional LCD’s, is only 16.5 mm thick- about the thickness of a good novel  and is  eco-friendly and not made with lead nor mercury or any other hazardous compounds from which other monitors are comprised. This miracle is due out next quarter, better get your nickels together!


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  1. May 27, 2009 at 8:14 PM

    Samsung LN52A650
    I am a huge fan! The picture is perfect to me very crisp even on fast action movies. It is very bright as well, which is perfect in my sunny living room. Finally I think Smart because the integration with the other Samsung product is very smooth, one remote for all without even thinking about it. The plus is you can configure your stocks, weather and local news to show up on the screen. Oh and did I mention the HDTV receiver integrated, it automatically configured a bunch of channel found in the cable; as I only use an Apple TV and a Blu ray player, finding some HDTV channel on the airwave was perfect… loving this product.

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