What is confidence!


Now this is confidence!

Now this is confidence!

There have been times in my life when I was not feeling in the photo taking mode, for one reason or another. Sometimes, I wasn’t in the mood. Other times like when I was in first grade and had to stand next to a girl I didn’t dig so much, I took the photo with a scowl on my face. There are times when I have not cared for who was taking the picture with me and I just wanted to opt out; you could tell when looking at the photos, my body language was always out of sorts, a little cold and disconnected. I stumbled on this photograph and thought, Wow! It takes confidence to be captured on a photograph because a photograph is a record of where you were, what you were doing, what you looked like and what you had going on at the time. Years ago, that was more true than today, because we have so much photo-editing available to us, right at our fingertips, right on our desktops. We can edit noses to make them look smaller, eyes to make them look bigger, skin to make it look flawless removing scars, pimples, pits and even cellulite, we can reshape the body, we can even give a face someone else’s more appealing body or a rocking hard sexy body, the perfect face. These days, you can just take a photo shoot and with the stroke of a key turn the plain ordinary person into a runway model. When you dare just take candid photos, dare allow others to see you for who you really are in photos or otherwise, allow permanent records of what you really look like and/or who you really are to be on display, you have to have confidence.  How much editing and censoring would you do,if you had all the means to erase your imperfections before allowing people to see the “real” you?


2 Responses to “What is confidence!”

  1. 1 Ashley
    May 7, 2012 at 8:37 PM

    It was…… unique. It was… i’m speechless… unique thats what it was!!!!!!….

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