What is good leadership!

Whether we aspire to lead, at one time or another we’ll either lead or be led. In either case it is critical to understand some of the most important traits a good leader should have…knowing them will help you to know whether or not you should be playing follow the leader or you should be taking the lead and doing it well.             
       A good leader cares about his/her character and reputation.  He/she recognizes that developing a good character is mandatory that, having a reputation that can undergo scrutiny and examination is a must, that operating with the highest integrity helps him/her avoid pitfalls and stumbling blocks.  

      A good leader values honesty, though being honest at all times can be very difficult.

      A good leader accepts that when the ship is sinking, he/she is responsible for the outcome. There is no one else to blame, even if it actually is the fault of another. He/she hold himself accountable and responsible for failures and credits his/her followers for successes. A good leader is enthusiastic about leading others to their success. He/she is more enthused at the development of his/her followers than he/she is about having others acknowledge and look up to him/her .

      A good leader is confident. He/she is never short on praising others, encouraging others, placing others first, after all, he/she knows that to build other up….  


  means that he/she rises higher.  

      A good leader remains positive, calm and steady in the face of crisis, he/she realizes that his/her emotions influence the emotions of his/her followers and impede or promote their success and/or growth.

      A good leader thinks in the we and promotes the we, they realize that I does not build, that we build. It takes more than one person to create a kingdom, to build an empire, to grow a company, to promote an organization…

     A good leader can take feedback and does not take feedback personally, but rather sees feedback as an opportunity for improvement.    

     A good leader has a mentor and is a mentor.  

     A good leader is committed to developing the next leader for the next generation.


4 Responses to “What is good leadership!”

  1. November 26, 2011 at 10:57 PM

    thanks for the info that i get in this site

  2. 3 nkwarulo
    April 23, 2012 at 4:23 PM

    It is truth over your statements

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