I’m an avid fan of, as well as, participant in most sports.  To stay fit, I do weights and run on an ,almost, daily basis.  It’s been a while, but I really love weekend competitive-fun runs, i.e. 5k’s, 10 k’s, on up to 26 mile marathons.  I was introduced to the game of golf at an early age, somewhere around 10 or so. I still enjoy the game tremendously, although, traveling for work makes it hard for me to get out as much as I would like.  I’m the type of guy that would much rather be out on the golf course or on a raquetball court than in the house watching Koby or Lebron on t.v. doing they’re thing. However, there’s one spectator event that really turns me on and that’s golf,  particularly when the big boys come to town.

I live in the Dallas/ Fort Worth metroplex and there are two p.g.a. tournament events that come through town, annually: The Byron Nelson Classic and the Colonial.  I, first, started attending these tournaments back in 96′ and quickly became hooked.  That year Phil Mickelson won the Byron and a year later Tiger took it.  Those were some classic duals back then and the atmosphere was crazy electric.  The crowds were phenomenal and there was, always, a local media frenzy. All the associated hype, I’m sure is what resulted in high television ratings.

These days Tiger Woods carefully picks and chooses, in which tournaments he plays.  I mean, with that kind of paper, you can pick and choose. If a particular course layout is not quite suited for El Tigre’s game, he just chills at home with the wife and kids,  as a result, recent tournaments have not been as festive in the “D”.  Long gone are the days  where attendance reached maximum and press roamed the grounds like vultures.  This weekend the “Tigerless” Byron Nelson looked like a shell of it’s old self and I’m pretty sure that television ratings were reflective of his absence, as well.  This is what I call the Tiger Factor.  It’s really crazy what this guy means to his sport.  He’s literally raised the clout of the game as well as everyone involved in it and they should all kiss his ass every time they see him for it!!


Where'd everyone go??

Where'd everyone go??



Yo.. look.. there's Vijay Singh walkin down the fairway... that's my dawg..

Yo.. look.. there's Vijay Singh walkin down the fairway... that's my dawg..


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