What is FUNNY AS HELL (vol. 4)

Traveling the world is to me, one of the most rewarding perks of the hard work ,we put into making hit records.  Of all the places, our visits to Africa have to have been, by far, the most intriguing.  At times, however depending on the country and place, the downside of these visits were the issues of security.  Some areas of many African countries are so impoverished that crime is rampant and it can be a very dangerous place for Americans of our status to be without a security detail.


The World Famous Tony Williams' African security detail ... yes, those are tasers!!

Scams were another issue, you just didn’t know who you could trust, the whole place was corrupt.  I remember the briefing pamphlets that we were issued, before we left home ,even,warned about being bribed by local police.  It just made me feel like I couldn’t have enough security that was dedicated to the sole task of protecting the World Famous Tony Williams.  I set out on a mission to strengthen my forces and after a few inquiries was given a  number to a man that was known simply as Jappa.


I contacted Jappa  and initiated the conversation by telling him that he had come highly recommended and that I was in desperate need of his services.  He quickly assured me that everything I may have heard about him was true and that he was the man for the job.  He told me that as a bodygaurd, he had guarded many foreign diplomats, presidents and celebrity entertainers.  Jappa, then,  volunteered that he was proficient in several diciplines of martial arts, though I’m not sure which ones because his dialect was so hard to understand and after asking him for the ninth or tenth time,”huh, what, what you say?’, he gave me his address and told me to come and see him.  Despite the language barrier, I still got a strange feeling about this character, but decided that I would check him out, anyway.

I must admit that on this day, I was in full blown tourist mode and when I arrived at Jappa’s place I had the video camera rollin’. His neighborhood had a mystique about it like no place that I had ever been, I live for these kind of adventures.  Now to this day, I still don’t know, if the man they call Jappa was really the Mr. T of Africa,  but I do know that what I captured on video that day  is priceless!  It’s definitely not my intent to perpetuate domestic violence; what Jappa got (what I captured on video) , he  well may have deserved.  Like I said, this guy seemed really shady.  On a funnier side though, you gotta see and hear  Jappa scream like a ” biaaatch”, when his wife tries to rip his nuts off!

Anyway, what had happened was, as far as I can ascertain, Jappas wife had heard in the break room on the job that he had been creepin’ with one of her co-workers and was none too happy about it.  She was arriving home, at the same time, I got there and that’s when the stuff started to go down.  I probably should have cut the camera off, but I just couldn’t.  What you are about to see is one of the craziest fights I’ve ever seen.  Notice how after being provoked, Jappa takes his shirt off and immediately looks at me as if  to say “watch how I’m bout to break this “B” down, and then proceeds to break into this Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger stance.  I mean dude is actually trying to sell me on his skills ….. BUT ON YOUR WIFE, JAPPA???  DAAAMN!!!!!!  Check out the video..



2 Responses to “What is FUNNY AS HELL (vol. 4)”

  1. 1 Droolin
    June 7, 2009 at 10:11 AM

    holy shit LMAO!!!

    can’t believe u kept filming!…jappa is gettin his ass kicked for the majority of the fight lol!

    and that look he gives you was fckin hilarious

  2. 2 Droolin
    June 7, 2009 at 10:17 AM

    wait a minute dude.i thought u actually filmed this,how embarrassing…

    ur a prick lol

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