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What is Going gaga over Lady Gaga

(submited by Tyomi the Glamazon)LadyGagaThierry

Most know her as the hypnotizing voice behind the hit “Poker Face”, and others know her as a disciple of avant-garde fashion, but whatever this young and talented singer is recognized for, it’s no question that the world is abuzz with talk about Lady Gaga. This 23-year-old singer has a love for geometric shapes and edgy fashion that only she and a few others in her style category can rock without looking like a completely ridiculous. She dares to take on some of the most complicated and intricately made garments that border the line of costume or wearable art, rocking them at award shows and even public appearances. It seems as if this talented youngster views the world out of a pair of her own rose colored glasses, and walks to the beat of her own drum, and I for one am a fan of her individuality and her boldness. Overall, I have to rate Lady Gaga a definite G for GLAMAZONIOUS because she is the true definition of uncapped fashionable creativity. The entertainment industry needs more individuals of her grade. Keep leading the pack with your triangle shaped Dresses Gaga!0319gagaLady%20GaGa-RWP-000704


What is Your Journey!!!


The best journey you can take is the one back to YOU! Often times, during the course of our life’s journey, we become sidetracked and lost , only to find ourselves on the road toward a destination that we have not chosen and/or envisioned for ourselves. Many times, we end up on that road, due to bad directions from others, due to our having misread the directions for our lives, from our having not adhered to the directions we know that we must travel so that we arrive safely to our destination or from our not having any directions, at  all and having failed to find a guide or mentor that has traveled our road or, at least , can read the pertinent parts of our road map and gives us guidance along the way.

If you are feeling lost and confused, you may not be on your journey. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you may not be on your journey. If you feel like you are going through the motions with no joy or hope for tomorrow, you may not be on your journey. If you are taking directions from others without first considering, if you are headed  in the direction your Creator  mapped out for you and wants you to go, you may not be on your journey. If you are doing what others tell you and have not given much thought to what you are doing and why, you may not be on your journey.

Most of the great leaders, in history, spent ,  at least, one long period in solitude thinking about the direction and course that their lives needed to take. Moses went to the mount, Jesus went to the “wilderness”, Ghandi created a commune. Each went searching for the path that their lives should take and they went alone so as not to be influenced by others who might give them wrong directions. Some of us spend time at the park, in the library, in study, in meditation, in prayer, amongst others and are able to find that path that leads us to our personal fulfillment and destiny.

Ten ways to be on your journey back to you:

1. Evaluate your values are belief system. Make sure that they will allow you to make a positive impact in your personal life, in your community and in the world. You were born to make a positive difference. When we are making a positive impact, we are usually on our journey.

2. Listen to your spirit, make sure the “voices” you are hearing that you allow to guide you are not demeaning, negative, blaming, hurtful. God does not speak to us in that manner. He directs us gently and lovingly and affirms us. He may warn us, but he provides us a solution and speaks to us with a positive course of action. He wants to make sure we follow our path.

3. Listen to your spirit until you hear the “voices” that affirm and comfort who you really are and not who you think you should be or who others may have told you that you are.

4. Write down how you would like to see yourself in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years and honestly ask yourself are you headed in the direction of those desires. Keep a journal and keep track of where you are heading. If you happen to get lost, it is easier to get back on track when you know where you deviated and went awry.

5. Make sure you value who you are with or without beauty, with or without money and with or without any of the “trappings” that we are convinced that matter in this world and to this world.

6. Find a mentor that has already gone your path successfully and be willing to ask them to share where the “ditches” and “pitfalls” are so that you do not stumble or become sidetracked. Even though you may have a mentor and sometimes a travel mate, this is your journey so be willing to go some of it alone and some of it in the dark just follow your heart – keep it pure and it will be your best guide.

7. Invest in yourself, spiritually, physically, educationally and financially. Find a place to worship, a place to work out, exercise and to shop for nourishing foods, a place where you can learn what you need to be equipped properly for your journey and find a way to save money toward your future as well as to have financial resources to purchase what you need for “travel”.

8. Take daily introspective looks into yourself. Be honest so that you can hold yourself accountable to making sure you are headed on your path.

9. Be forgiving of others and yourself when you lose the way and be willing to get back on course. After forgiving yourself and others, be willing to release, leave or disconnect from those that are not going your direction or have you momentarily sidetrack or lost.

10. Encourage others to find their journey to themselves.

Quotes to remember:

The journey of happiness involves finding the courage to go down into ourselves and take responsibility for what’s there; all of it.

Richard Rohr , American Spriritual Leader

The longest journey is the journey inwards. Of him who has chosen his destiny, who has started upon the quest for the source of his being.

Dag Hammarskjold, Swedish Politician






Pertinent – having a clear decisive relevance to the matter in hand 







What is “Kool Kid” does N.Y.C.


It’s friday evening and I’m at Center Staging Rehearsal Studios in Burbank rehearsing for next week’s  European run of  festivals that we’ll set off on.  I’m kinda looking forward to getting back into performance mode, again.  I’m somewhat exhausted at the moment, after having just arrived after an early morning flight which I nearly missed because I had just flown home from New York, late last night.  I’d spent the last five days working in NYC and the best thing about it was that my “Kool Kid” decided to tag along.  Don’t they have a day call “take your kool kid to work day” or did I just make that up?  My kool kid and I “did” NYC this week which included a marathon work day that started tuesday at 5p.m and ended wednsday at 10a.m. and covered two studios and several adventures in taxis and trains.  “Kool Kid” even joined me for a “marathon” of a jog around the perimeter of Central Park, thats about 6+ miles.  New York City will never be the same.

The "Kool Kid" hangin out in Times Square..

The "Kool Kid" hangin out in Times Square..

"Kool Kid" wants to get her "shoppin" on before we go to work..

"Kool Kid" wants to get her "shoppin" on before we go to work..


Producer Edroc at "the Edge of Madness studios" in Queens...

Producer Edroc at "the Edge of Madness studios" in Queens...


me and Num at Chung King studio in Manhattan for Consequences session..

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What is Walking High: The Heel-Less Shoe Trend

nina ricci fall 2009nina-ricci-shoes_0posh-antonio-berardi-heel-less-pvc-bots

(posted by Tyomi the Glamazon) They’re hip….they’re cool….they’re HEEL-LESS!!!! On the runways for the 2009 fall season, many designers have taken up the new platform heel-less shoe craze to amaze buyers and consumers alike with their gravity defying power. These amazing sky scrappers have been seen in many different constructions, but they all require the same technique if one wants to walk in them:balancing power!!!!!! The trick to staying off the ground in these shoes is to balance on the ball of the foot, which not only helps one look great while strolling the city, but it also helps to build up those glute and hamstring muscles 🙂 This shoe trend took notice when Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham wore Antonio Berardi’s rendition of the shoe to a Macy’s Event late last year. I’m sure there will be plenty knock offs of the shoe done by Steve Madden and Jessica Simpson, but please believe these shoes are only for the daring and light on their feet. FOR MORE IMAGES OF THESE EDGY SHOES, CHECK OUT WWW.NINARICCI.COM


What is Sticky Situation:MAC’s New Summer Product

(Posted by Tyomi the Glamazon)
(sigh) There is nothing like the fresh smell of MAC Luster Glass in the Summer Breeze! It’s that time of the year again when MAC releases their summer products, and this year the well coveted makeup brand has taken inspiration for one of its summer brands from that sweet, sticky substance bees go crazy over:HONEY! MAC’s “Naked Honey” cosmetic line was released on June 11th and is available at all MAC counters nationwide and at their online store. The line consists of new eye shadow and lipglass colors, new body scents, body wash and body cream, highlighting powder and skin salve. If you are a MAC FANITIC like me, I’m pretty sure you will be at your nearest counter or Store stocking up on as much new product as possible. Just make sure you are prepared to spend over $50 because you won’t want to leave with just one thing 😉 FOR MORE INFORMATION ON MAC’s “NAKED HONEY” LINE AND OTHER SUMMER PRODUCTS, VISIT WWW.MACCOSMETICS.COMMAC NAKED HONEYnakedhoneyamb4nakedhoney2nakedhoney3


What is Model Spotlight: Naomi Campbell

(submitted by Tyomi the Glamazon) She may be known for her Diva attitude and cell phone throwing antics, but there is no doubt that Naomi Campbell is a true legend in the modeling world. Naomi began modeling at age 15 when she was discovered while window shopping by former Ford Model Beth Boldt and jumped right into the modeling scene. Ms. Campbell is a household name and known around the world for her ethnic looks and her fierce runway walk, and she has a fashion house where she has created several fragrances for the mass market. She also released an album back in the 90’s that went platinum in Japan. She has appeared on over 500 magazine covers and was the first Black model to appear on the cover of French Vogue thanks to Designer and friend Yves Saint Laurent. All in all, Naomi is one of the greats that has ever lived, and she proves it by continuing to burn up the runways and grace the covers of magazines and designer ads even at age 39.naomi idthumb_3164_eed8ace5dfd170f9487d38d311b3b520naomi_campbell_stefano_pilati_id_magazine_01


What is the A’s of relationship


...for real, man... if you want a better relationship its simple: the a's... affirmation...affection and attention changes the world...

...for real, man... if you want a better relationship its simple: the a's... affirmation...affection and attention changes the world...

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