What is an Underdawg! (Magic in 7)

I thought about waiting a couple of weeks to address this subject because a certain set of events could make this, even more, interesting, and that is, if the Lakers lose.  If the Lakers lose, it ,not only ,spells a victory for the Magic, but a huge personal victory for Dwight Howard.  Once again, the machine we know as commercial marketing is guilty of creating larger than life “HYPE”!  Okay, okay, I agree that both Kobe and Lebron make for more interesting muppets than Howard.  I mean those commercials are FUN-NY! I thought they almost bordered on some South Park with the racial stereo typecasting.  I mean “the jive” was a bit over the top.  

In an interview after the Magic had just beat the hell out of Lebron’s Cleveland Cavaliers in game six of the Eastern conference finals, Dwight Howard stated in so many words that he was ,all but, offended and took it personal that the media never gave his Magic a chance to make it to the finals.  How often are we quick to champion as the victor- the popular choice? Was Lebron a “victim” of the hype.  I mean that’s a lot of pressure to live up to.  I’m sure he could see himself hoisting the trophy, he’s got a mind of a champion, but don’t you think that he could have been a more gracious loser had he not been thrown into that fire?  Do I think Lebron is the best in the game today?  Yes, I do and I ,always, pull for his success.  But I also have a thing for “underdawgs”. How many times have we all been in situations where people didn’t  give us a chance to win?  I guess that’s why World Famous is so humble (was that oxymoronic or what?).

So lets just say that Howard’s Magic does “upset” Kobe’s Lakers.  Will the media and all of the “believers of the Hype” owe Dwight an apology?  Will Kobe feel the same “fire” that Lebron did?  Will Howard show “class” or will he rub the victory in everyone’s face?  Well, we won’t know for a couple of weeks, but one thing I do know is that I’ll be pulling for the “UNDERDAWG”!!  MAGIC IN 7.

The games best and World Famous

The games best and World Famous


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