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What is Condom Sense!!

Durex in Australia with this play on the well hung man ... you figure it out.. with this ad that highlights acts were a condom is necessary.



What is Dolce Diva


 rihanna MET getup dolce and gabbana

(By Tyomi the Glamazon) Rihanna is known for her edgy and sometimes avant garde ensembles, and I must say that this number from Dolce and Gabbana’s Fall 2009 collection is nothing short of her usual display. Made from black silk taffeta, this edgy recreation of the classic tuxedo consists of a boxed body jacket with a ruched, puff sleeve, and contrasting matt piping around the lapels and hem of the jacket. The pants are made from the same black silk taffeta and have been raised above the ankle to coincide with the popular hem level of the season. She accessories the outfit with studded earrings, patent leather, rounded toe, pointed pumps and her signature black biker gloves. Her hair is highlighted with platnium pieces in her usual assymetrical style, and her eyes are accented with peacock blue eye shadow and full brows while her lips are kept nude with a light pink gloss. I give Rihanna 2 thumbs way up! This outfit is only for the daring, and we all know she lives on the edge…This is RATED G for GLAMAZONIOUS!!! To get a look similar to Rihannas, visit and check out the looks for their Fall collection (you will find a blouse very similar to the tuxedo jacket 😉 )


What is Ciara’s New Euro Look

ciara euro style (From Tyomi the Glamazon) I must say that I absolutely love Ce Ce’s new look! The princess of “KRUNK AND B” Surely has come a long way from the days of over dyed bonded blond weaves and rhinestone-studded cropped hoodies. This picture of Ciara sporting a super chic, simplistic look was snapped during one of her nights out in Europe. This icy blue, long sleeved mini dress hugs her curves perfectly and shows off her best asset (i.e. her legs). She keeps her accessories simplistic by pairing the satin shine of the dress with a gold shield bracelet and multiple strands of long gold chains. Her Nude colored, round toe pumps help to keep the attention on her dress and also help to give her legs an even longer look. Staying with the simplistic theme, her make up consists of a nude eye and lip topped off with full brows and full lashes, and her hair is UBER EURO in a dark brown color with lots of volume at the crown. Those tips and development sessions at Wilhelmina models is really doing her justice! GO CE CE! I give this look a 10! This is RATED G FOR GLAMAZONIOUS!!!!!! TO GET THIS LOOK, CHECK OUT FOREVER 21 FOR SIMILAR ALTERNATIVES..


What is the KING AND THE FOOL!!

Although, I spent half the day, either in an airport or in the air, my birthday went pretty swell.  Traditionally,  I’ve never really made a big “to do” about it, but to all of the friends, family and fans that phoned or sent e -mails or text, thank you, I really felt the love.  Is it me or is June, one of the more popular months in which so many were born? I know so many people that have had birthdays, over the past two weeks, alone.  If you’re trying to figure it out, we’re all Gemini’s.  Gemini’s are those of us, born between the days of May 21st and June 2oth.  I’ve never really been a huge subscriber to or believer in astrology, but I’ll admit the times that I’ve peered into  what traits a Gemini is said to exhibit, I’ve found the claims to be uncanny.  I’ve, also, noticed a striking resemblence in artists who are born under this sign.  There’s something about them that make them overtly over the top!  Here is a short list of them:  Naomi Campbell, May 22, Loren Hill, May 25, Miles Davis, Ma7 25, Lenny Kravitz, May 26, Prince, June 7,  Kanye, June 8, Boy George, June 14, The World Famous Tony Williams, June 16, and Venus Williams, June 17.

There are several claims that I’ve found to be really accurate, but the trait that we’re most famous for is the possession of the dual or some might say,  personalities that dual against one another.  I call them the KING and the FOOL.  Personally, I think this duality, this war  between good and evil  exists inside every man, it’s just that Gemini’s are the ones that will admit it.




The King

The King


Live with  a greater cause             

Embrace resistances

Do not gossip, even if it is true

Believe the best when ,only, the worst is apparent

Desire to be their best

Lead and make changes in self first

Look at what is possible

Act their way into feeling

Do what it takes

Do more than what they are asked to do

Love others the way that they desire to be loved

Give generously of their possessions, their time, compliments, resources

See themselves as blessed

Develop their personal greatness- will read books, follow a mentor, seek counseling, find solace in God

Practice like it is game time

Are confident and take pride in building others

Follow the higher path

Accept constructive criticism

Use their words wisely

Leave people, places and things better than they were

May not know how great they are



The Fool

The Fool





Live with a “what do I get out of the deal” attitude

Resist change

Repeat negative words, thoughts, ideas, language, vulgarity

Believe the worst and contribute to the worst outcome

Never see a need for change in themselves

Demand others to change first and are blamers…they use words like “You made me do it…If it had not been for you, I would not have…

Become overtaken by what seems impossible

Feel their way into actions- if it does not feel good, look good, taste good, they can not get motivated to action

Do what comes easiest

Always fall below expectations… unless they are serving self

Operates in lustful passion, afraid to show and know genuine love

Give obligatorily, waiting for their return

Despise the greatness in other or idolizes other fools

Refuse to practice

Are insecure, self loathing, abusive, negligent, harmful and/or disrespectful

Follow the path that leads to destruction

Can give criticism, but can not take it becomes angered and/or offended

Uses words carelessly and destructively

Damage what comes into contact with them

Never know how foolish they are

June 2009
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