What is Color Stride: Diversity on the Runway

(By Tyomi the Glamazon)Every one knows that the average runway show is as devoid of color as a bowl of rice, But in the fashion displays for the fall 2009 season, designers in America as well as a few in Europe have made some advancements towards diversifying their model color schemes. There was a noticable change in the number of Black, Asian and Latin models that paraded the runway this season, and some believe the shift is due to the “Obama affect.” Others believe that this is just the season where the “ethic” look fits, but there is a number of fashion insiders that peg the advancement on last year’s July issue of Italian Vogue where four of the top ethnic models were featured on the cover. The magazine featured a spread of the four women and exclusive interviews that gave the world an insight into who they are as models and everyday women. Many designers, for the first time, saw just how beautiful they are, and designer Jason Wu admits that he was personally inspired by the cover and asked himself,”why haven’t we been using more black models?” Some designers, however, believe that the issue of colorism is nonexistent in runway, and supporter of this notion, Oscar De La Renta (an ethnic designer known for his extravagently femanine gowns), states that he “judges the beauty of the girl, and not the color of her skin.” All in all, whether this ethnic enhancement on the runways is a fading fad or a permanent push, I’m glad that it has happened. The world is filled with beautiful women of all shades and sizes, and it’s time for the fashion industry to embrace it. I just hope an appreciation for curves is on the agenda next. For more information about Diversity on the Runway, check out WWD.Com or pick up WWD Collections at your nearest News stand or Book storeLiu Wen - China Vogue March 2009 - 9lyndsey scottsessilee-vogue-italia-all-black-model-issue-7708-1


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  1. June 21, 2009 at 8:58 PM

    Welllllllll (smile) I didn’t KNOW that thee “Tony Williams” had a blog….quite expressive, cool & intelligent, guy you are 🙂 I’m always GLAD when people actually blog about “some sense” rather a bunch of random opinions that’s MORE random than the opinion itself (it’s deep I know, but MOST bloggers are random without purpose—blogging aint deep but at least MAKE sense… I feel). And though blogging really is only a small part in the mist of spare time…I try to keep my blog interesting, spontanteous, fun and simple….I LOVE blogging! I’ve bookmarked you, and I’ll will be tuning into your blog to read your thoughts. Also, I like these photos, they’re sultry, poise and possess a natural beauty…..nice picks.

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