What is Collecting Couture: Chicago’s BADC Boutique

(Submitted by Tyomi the Glamazon)Every season, there is a red carpet event where we sit in anticipation to watch our favorite female entertainers glide down the plush crimson pile with the latest and most glamorous gowns flowing from their backs. Even though Beyonce and Nicole Kidman are well off as far as finances go, one still tends to wonder how these women can afford to be adorned in these costly couture gowns at so many events during the year. It’s no secret that celebrities often rent and Borrow these extravagant gowns for their events, and it is no surprise that a local retailer would jump on the bandwagon and provide the same service for wealthy socialites within a particular City.

Armani Prive

Armani Prive

Escada Strapless Black and White Leopard Print Bubble hemed gown w/ sweetheart neckline

Escada Strapless Black and White Leopard Print Bubble hemmed gown w/ sweetheart neckline

In Chicago’s Lakeview Neighborhood, there is a new boutique by the name of “Borrow a Dress Couture” where this lending service is offered. Providing sizes 0-18 and maternity dresses, BADC is a boutique aimed at leasing “straight off the runway” designer dresses to help reduce the amount of money wasted on gowns only worn once. This boutique is the perfect place for the Fashionista searching for the perfect look for a that big Gala or that high profile event filled with paparazzi anxious to snap a picture of the most breath taking women on the scene. The boutique houses a variety of designers from Vera Wang to Hermes, and carries gowns that sweep the floor (Armani) as well as dresses that hug the curves (Herve Leger). In an economy such as this, I’m sure women will learn to love BADC, so spread the word to any Chicagoan Fashionistas You may know! FOR MORE INFORMATION ON BORROW A DRESS COUTURE BOUTIQUE, PLEASE VISIT WWW.SHOPBADC.COM.


1 Response to “What is Collecting Couture: Chicago’s BADC Boutique”

  1. November 5, 2009 at 2:18 AM

    I am always moved and interested in Armani gowns. His work is godly and will forever be peices of true art.

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