What is decorating!

It’s about that time to revamp my crib. Cool Kid wants her room done “living room mod”, you have seen that style, if you have watched any of the Austin Powers movies. I have been working on my music studio; it’s is coming along nicely. Both of us are artists and our surroundings effect our productivity. If you have ever felt that way, you know exactly what I mean and why I am adamant about getting it handled before I leave for the road again!  After it’s done, I will go room by room,  subtracting what zaps my flow, what pulls from my creativity than I will be adding what inspires me.  I see as many items throughout the crib that I need for inspiration, as items I have to give away, donate to charity, maybe, even sell. Valuables that just do nothing to add to my energy, they make me feel stagnant.  My crib or shall I say pad, has become a landing pad, more or less, for too much of everything.  I want it to be a launching pad for my passion, for creativity, for invention. While, it has been referred to as the Metroplex ( Dallas Metroplex) Museum of Art, I have decided to redefine it.  I figured maybe I might think about doing this whole revamp   on the “shoestring” , after all we are in a recession.   On the one hand I figure,  there have to be other people living in museums that want to downsize their collections or others who are having to downsize because of the recession. The task of decorating can be difficult, if you don’t have the knowledge and the resources, but quite fun, if you do and even a high when you can do it and not spend a bank.  For those of you who are living on your own with  your first pad away from Mom and Dad, I know you remember how hard it was to get your crib, super cool. As a matter of fact,  you might still be trying to do it and for those of you who have been able to buy that first home, furnishing your new starter home can be a nightmare, if you spent all your money just trying to get that downpayment!  Honestly, I went back and forth trying to choose a style. I wanted something timeless which spelled antique. However, most of the antiques spelled bulky and not so hip, though beautiful and timeless. Those antique pieces that were from the art deco period were cool, but becoming harder and harder to find, I have a few.  There is also that Danish look, the sleek beech wood,  you find that look in many magazines, it is not new, it was made popular as early back as the40’s. You can find some of the vintage pieces around. They definitely spell hip and chic. I had visited many upscale furniture stores and even Ikea and many of them had one other scheme aside from the Danish influence, in common, for what represented hip and cool, that  ” Austin Powers ” chic. This style, more easily than alot of other styles when done right, can not only be affordable, but can shout what is HIP! I began to notice that this Mod look was in stores everywhere. Many stores like Target, Walmart, Ikea have adopted the style of their staple offerings from this period. They have made a fortune offering inspired reproductions, at a fraction of the cost. If you are visiting D.C., stop by the Helix hotel to see style, this style in particular, at its best.           Not wanting to spend a load and just to get an idea of what was out there “in the streets”,  I decided to take a look on Craigslist, what did I have to lose ? What I found was unbelievable, listing after listing of designer high end furnishings, listing after listing of remarkable modern contemporary brands. I found  funky leather authenic Knoll Studio PollocK chairs in perfect condition for $150.00.

A few days later, I found   a nice in pristine condition, black leather Knoll Studio Pollock sling chair for  $90.00 just like the one at the far right bottom. Chairs like these retail for upward $1200.00. By the time my search was over, I had found a collection of Knoll Studio chairs, two twin sets of orange and avocado Eame’s chairs like the white one pictured below, all four started at $225.00, but the seller ended up listing them for $175.00..
 By the time I was done I had fond, ten authentic “period” chairs  , two Italian Natuzzi leather sectionals, one tan Simon Li leather sofa, all in perfect condition for about $2800.00. Had they been new, I woulod have been out of a grip, about  28,000.00. I was grateful to find a great companion for my new endeavor, a wonderful website  www.refurbmadness.net. This website is awesome because it lists all the chic items, anyone would want in their home. When you visit the site, there are jpgs listed one after the other of chic furniture by the original designer. As a matter of fact, you will see a chair like one of those Kanye used in his video and a similar one that was used in one of Michael Jackson’s videos.  Just clik through the site, find items you like,  trust me, all of the items are dope. Take down that name of the item and/or the name of the designer then visit the Craigslists site for your area or any area where you can and/or are willing to load up the UHauil, reference the names of the items and/ or the names of the designer. You will be suprised to find that you will be able to locate authentic pieces in near perfect condition or wonderful reproductions.If you want to take your game to the collector level, that next level that spells SUPRA HIP (super hip) than  check the bottom of the chairs, many times etched in the base will be tag indicators that tell you who made the piece and where it was made. A seller may not know that they are selling an authentic designer piece, many do not know and many just plain do not care, cold hard cash is their motivati0n for selling. Look up tag words as well; words  like: retro, mod, modern contemporary. Sometimes, you will find an inspired piece that is cool looking and priced just right, buy it! If it is well made and screams style, hollaback and buy it!. I am now as much a fan of Craigslist as I am of eBay, maybe more so and as with all good things know your game and beware of scammers!!!! Keep me posted on what you find, if you decide to  decorate and/or redecorate that room, that dorm, that apartment, that new house. Send pictures, let us know what you find!!! I might get a little jealouos or be willing to buy it from you at the right price!!!!!


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