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What is Bobby McFerrin!!

With ten Grammy’s to his credit, this jazz and a cappella vocal performer, vocal improvisor and conductor is the real deal. Yeah, yeah, “Don’t Worry Be happy” and that “Cosby Show” theme was cute, but don’t get it twisted, B Mac is the truth!


What is Notes & Neurons!

Ever wonder how you can hear a song for the first time and half way through the first stanza you find that you can just about complete the melodic phrase.  Well it’s simple ( well, really not that simple, it’s actually kinda deep).  Here in the Western hemisphere our music theory is built on a certain type of scale  (… but i’ll try and keep this as basic as possible) and our brains have become pretty conditioned and recognize the scale in all of the music we here.  Check out this demonstration by Bobby McFerrin that shows the power of the penatonic scale.

Now that was really dope, but if what you’ve seen so far has piqued your interest, watch further and we might find out that the language of music might not be so universal.  The following clips are from the World Science Festival in New York and was filmed on june 12, 2009.  This particular session was titled “Notes & Neurons: In Search of a Common Chorus” as it addresses the questions of “is our response to music hard-wired or culturally determined?”  “Is the reaction to rhythm and melody universal or influenced by environment?”  as well as illustrate music’s noteworthy interaction with the brain and our emotions. Continue reading ‘What is Notes & Neurons!’


What is recession!


Everywhere you turn, these days, whether to the news, to your favorite radio station, on the newstand or the net, the word recession  seems to play at the forefront of ,almost, every discussion, even unto the board room on to the bedroom. We are made to feel helpless as the rates of unemployment skhyrocket, the value of the dollar plummets, the death toll of our soliders in Afghanastan rises, the price of gas  constantly  vascillates, the prison roles swell and our country faces the fact that there is no money to address the ills, let alone the  newly proposed health bill. Nonetheless, in spite of it all, as the economy seems to be on BUST, there are some things that are on BOOM that I would like to put on BLAST! The economy says recession as companies layoff and business doors shut for good, but first time start ups are on the rise. As a result of the recession, there is an abundance of retail space available, flexible leases for small start ups,  are owners of storefronts with vacancies that they are dying to fill and so, like never before, for those of you who might have been forced out of your job  and/or always wanted to start your own business, but needed a place or just needed  space, you can find  some of the best deals of the decade.  Moreover, there is an abundance of used high quality like new office furnishing and business equipment on the market for pennies on the dollar. You can go on Craigslist and just type in under the business section names like Hon, Herman Miller, Eames, Knoll and deal after deal on the best office furnishings will pop up. So those of you who wanted to start your own business, but wanted it to look like a real one and really nice one at that, can do so at a fraction of the cost. There are deals all over the net to allow you entrepreneurs to furnish your at-home or off site office.   Another growing phenomenon, courtesy of our recession, is the collaborative start ups. I have a friend who is a graphic artist who needed to figure ways to cut back to survive the recession. The most significant way for him to do so was to cut back on the amount of footage he was leasing for his office space, but he had signed a two year renewal and did not want to damage  his hard earned credit by terminating the lease. As a result, he decided to offer a desk to a photographer that  frequently assisted him, but always worked from home not wanting the overhead associated with paying for business space. The photographer and graphic artist vibed off one another’s energy so well that they called on a mutual painter to join the collaborative and lease a desk space. The work that the three of them were doing caught they eye of a fashion photographer who needed space and thus joined the effort. He later   invited his best friend who is a stylist who  could no longer afford her previous spot due to the loss of gigs. She joined them and  subsequently invited her make up artist who has recently invited a publicist she knows. Each of them has a desk, an actual business location, a cutting edge business space, a new network, a new customer base, a new support system, increased opportunities to earn revenue at a fraction of what it would cost to go into business alone. Everyone works on their own projects, but,  also works together. They are taking what has worked for the beauty industry with beauty salons and are making it work for business -business salons? Thanks to the recession, we are afforded collaboratives of this sort which should bring better products and/or services to the consumer. Needless to say, there are some great things happening thanks to the recession!


What is the 35th anniversary of Harlem Day!

20070816{A}{9654}207Tracing the evolution of HARLEM WEEK, now thirty five years old (1974), is very simple— it began as HARLEM DAY, a one-day tribute that was so astonishingly and unexpectedly successful that more days were needed to showcase the community’s rich economic, political and cultural history, to say nothing of the current, ever increasing artistic talent in Harlem. Above all, HARLEM DAY—in its unique way—was a day of encouragement and fellowship for New Yorkers in general and Harlemites in particular, many of whom had struggled for some years to see a positive future for Urban America.





What is 45 Nano Cases by (by Contexture Design)

…so these cats over at Contexture Design are really into creating things that emphasize simple, elegant and sustainable design.  They’re ideas are usually inspired by reclaimed materials with historical, cultural or environmental significance.  Check out what they created from these cassette tapes.


What is Melani Fiona!


The chick is simply Bananas! Jay Brown first introduced us in Europe, ” This is my artist Melanie, I’m gonna ask Ye if we can do a few of these dates with you guys.”  And so we ripped Europe apart for the next few weeks-  Consequence (I featured on his set), Mr. Hudson (I did backing vocals on his), Melanie Fiona, Santogold, and us (Kanye).  Anyway, that’s when I knew that o’girl was “up next!”  For the last nine months or so, I’ve been rocking her six song promotional sampler c.d. for her album, The Bridge that’s expected out this month.  I’m sure you know the single “Give It To Me Right“.  Anyway, I’m out in Queens, the other day, in the studio and one of my guys asked me, “You up on this Melanie Fiona Mix tape with Quest Love?”  I wasn’t. I downloaded it.  Ironically, later that evening when we were downtown at Cipriani for the G-Shock show, I run in to who else, Melanie.  “Hey I got a new…” … “I know, a new mixtape.”  Now I have a real copy.  Ya wanna hear it, here it goes!




What is Clae!

A while back I was sneaker shopping, it was one of those days when I just felt I needed to spend money on just one more pair of shoes…mmmm .. like I really need another pair… you know what I mean… I just needed to.  I couldn’t find anything in the store that I just had to have though, what a bummer…. until I saw this “McQueen” by Clae.  I would have bought two pair, you know, for when the one pair got dirty but dammit they didn’t have my size!  I really like this company.  I own a few pair of Claye sneakers already.  I first saw Common in a pair  (the “Russell”) about a year ago and swagger jacked.  I think their designs have a unique way of combining the functionality of an athletic sneaker with fashion.   So last night I was web surfing and looking at… well you know, sneakers and wound up on the Claye website.  Guess what I did.  Uh huh, I ordered them.

McQueen by Claye

Continue reading ‘What is Clae!’

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