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What is Dirty Projectors “Stillness Is The Move”!

Thsi is a beautiful video. The track is slammin as well!!


What is Bilal “Levels”!

Check out Bilal performing “Levels” at the CMJ Marathon. This ish is Bananas!!


What is Converse 1HUND(RED) Artists Chuck Taylors!

The Converse 1HUND(RED) initiative is a year-long global project celebrating the partnership and commemorates the brand’s 100th anniversary. Converse has brought together 100 artists from around the globe to celebrate the artistic spirit and help eliminate AIDS in Africa.

"these are my favorites...) from artist no, 2 Bobby Shriver, Humanitarian and co-founder of (RED)

"these pair is so Lupe..."  from artist no. 80 Luper Fiasco, rapper

"this pair is so Lupe...) from artist no. 80 Lupe Fiasco, rapper

"Ahhh.. A Fri Caaa,," from artist 47 Chloe Hugo, South Africa


What is the Blind Side!

The Blind Side is a movie inspired by a true story about one Caucasian woman’s maternal instinct that compelled her to go the distance to rescue a troubled, homeless and illiterate teenaged African American male by the name of Michael Oher. Her devotion and love and his response to the love and generosity of her family and his courage to overcome his dysfunctional upbringing, resulted in him going from homelessness and illiteracy to being signed on by the Baltimore Ravens. This story is one that inspires faith in our fellow man! The movie will be in theaters on November 20th.

After reading his story, what I found so remarkable was that a family of Caucasians in “White Suberbia, USA” risked their reputations with their friends and neighbors and gambled against all odds to have a trouble African American teenage male who was a complete stranger move in with them putting their young caucasian daughter and their impressionable young son at risk. In a day and age, when honestly, Caucasians are yet having trouble about African Americans moving into their neighborhoods and living next door to them, here is a family that moves a complete stranger into their home to be a part of their family. Wow! What is greater than their courage to respond to the teen’s obvious need was this kid’s response to their love.  He went from illiterate and having never played football  nor having ever attended school on a regular basis to being on the honor roll , graduating from highschool and going on to be signed on to a professional football team. Love does conquer all!  Can the choir say Amen?


What is Hair Salon!

Hair Salon is the first game to make exclusive use of the Nintendo DSi’s features. All DS’s can run the game, but purchasers of the latest hardware will be able to use the DSi’s built in camera for face recognition. Rather than a random game avatar, they can make their own “look” fly. With thousands of hair and makeup combinations, even Sha Nay Nay would never run out of ideas.  This time around the action takes us to the hair salon where players can try their hands at  running a busy boutique salon.  Gamers learn to cut, colour and style hair as well as to apply general makeup. Additionally, gamers must learn to be client focused and ensure that they are doing all they can to they can to keep clients happy.  Once gamers master the basics, they  can participate in contests that, if they win, will boost your salons rankings.

As a former hair stylist, I find Hair Salon to be intriguing. How authentic is the experience and from where did they do their proto-typing? If Hair Salon does not address the following questions, I can not imagine that whoever designed the game ever went into a “real” salon, at least one on the “other side of the tracks” and I do not mean weave tracks!

  • Can a player offer a discount, if the client brings her own weave hair?
  • Is there a character that can enter my salon selling various goods at extremely discounted prices, I need a flatscreen?
  • How many options are available with regards to weave hair (i.e. Yak, Hawiian Silky, Indian, etc., etc.)?
  • Are their chairs made especially appropriated for kids to swivel around in until they become dizzy and/or nauceaous?
  • Are there local cuisine offerings like catfish and bbq dinners and/or hot link sandwiches in nice styrofoam to go boxes?
  • Is there an in-house live Jerry Springer casting for all patrons to view or hear about at every visit?
  • Can patrons run out to the beauty supply for their stylist in the event he/she has run out of product and/or supplies?
  • What happens if we get too close when clipping Miss Ruppert’s cuticles?  She cussed Tran out good the last time!

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