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What is About Face: Balmain Spring 2010


All Winter I have had the urge to search for my perfect Military coat thanks to the awesome responses I have been getting from women and men alike about a military Jacket I revamped from Forever 21. I could not understand why I had such a sudden urge to shop for not only military inspired clothing ,but for other utilitarian pieces with thick metal hardware and distressed edges UNTIL I watched the Spring 2010 show for BALMAIN. It was clear to me at that moment that I had been given a gift….the gift of FASHION FORECASTING!

Yes, that’s right, Military influences have once again made their way back into the silhouettes and fashion pieces that we love, and who better to show the world how to pull off this distress-glam look other than Christophe Decarnin. His pointed-shoulder and glittery jackets of the winter collections trickled down to mass market stores and generated thousands of dollars and an army of disco-clad teenage fashionistas. The spring is all about survival in these economic times, and the Utilitarian structure of this collection definitely sends a direct signal to consumers about how to dress for the occasion.

When shopping for these pieces in the upcoming months, Try pairing a pair of distressed, over sized army pants with a sequined tank, strappy stiletto heels and a matching jacket with plenty of metal hardware. H&M is sure to follow suit and create styles for this trend, but to be ahead of the wave, check out your local Army Surplus store for this “commanding” look. As for now, browse through the wonderful Spring collection for Balmain. Tears might not come to your eyes as they did to mine, but I’m sure you will walk away inspired to reinvent something within your wardrobe.


What is a Lauren Hill sighting!

Can Lauren rally be on the ‘comeback’ this time.. this video was recently captured in New Zealand.


What is “cudderisback”!


What is the All American Basketball League! (An all white league?…Oh Really?)

Racism is defined as a belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race.…  Racism is also is the word that Don Lewis uses to describe what his proposed segregated hoops league is not motivated by.  So this guy, Don “Moose” Lewis in a report on is described as a Georgia-based boxing and wrestling promoter and described by myself as a straight up lunatic.  You see, the All-American Basketball League, the league that “Moose” Lewis is hoping to kick off this summer is to be comprised of 12 team’s composed of all-white, American born men.  I don’t think that it’s that far of a stretch to say that most of us are, at least a little bit, guilty of racism.  I mean, for me to say that white people aren’t as good dancers as blacks, which I believe to be fact, is a racist statement.  Mexicans are bad drivers, (hella slow anyway) a racist statement.  Asians are only good in academics, racist.  We’re all racist in our own little way.  What concerns me about “Moose” is not that he might be a blatant racist, but that he is guilty of the crime of being down right ignorant.  He claims “there is nothing hatred about what we’re doing, I don’t hate anyone of color, but people of white American-born citizens are in the minority now”.  He goes on to say, “here’s a league for white players to play fundamental basketball, which they like”.  “Moose” defines “fundamental basketball” as different from the “street-ball’ played by people of color.  Mr. Lewis, contrary to what you might say, you, my friend, are very much a racist, but more than that, even when your ancestors didn’t think any more of black people than the dirt on the bottom of there Nunn Bush shoes, we were at least good enough to cook their meals, care for their children, clean their homes, and always, always entertain them.  The fact that you could hate a race of people so much that you would be willing to start a league and put an inferior product (that’s not racist for we all know that the N.B.A. bolsters the best basketball talent in the world) on the floor is scary to me.

This cocktail of ignorance and hatred strikes me as a dangerous combination, and like Kanye said, “racism’s still alive, they just be concealin’ it”; and then mix in a little “stupid”, whoa!.  The list of the gross fallacies found in recent reports about Mr. “Moose’s” new league are as follows:

  • he says that “it’s more about restoring the game to the way it was before the saturation of African Americans…. because of the fact that natural athleticism of people of color is different.”  Uhhh, excuse me Mr. “Moose” do you remember a gentleman by the name of Jimmy “the Greek” Snyder.  He was fired from a major network that was paying him millions of dollars for making such claims.  How can you say that’s not racist.
  • he says, “coaches look for the quickest way to win so they go for natural athleticism instead of the natural fundamentals of a white player.”  You damn fool, thats why they’re still in business, hint, hint… and oh yeah, are you implying, Mr. “Moose” that Chris Paul “crossing somebody over” almost out of their jock strap is not fundamental? Really?
  • he ask, “would you want to go to a game and worry about a player flipping you off or attacking you in the stands or grabbing their crotch? That’s the culture today.”  Uhhh, are you maybe using a few isolated incidents to label an entire race as “savages”, okay, same excuse your ancestors used when they came and took the Indians land.
  • he smooths it out by saying “I know there’s bad apples of every color, but like my wife says, let the numbers speak for themselves…. turn on the local TV news and who do you see?  Facts are Facts.  Now, imagine the safety and quality of play at games where there’s none of that.”  Uhhh, you, Mr. White man “Moose”, a.k.a masa, are afraid of … moi??
  • he goes on to say, “guys like Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash” who he said exemplify the type of characteristics that he’s talking about.  Uhhh Mr. “Moose”, why don’t you ask either of them if they’d like to play with all white players. I don’t think so.
  • he continues to say, “look at Larry Bird…. he was a very good player, but if he was a black player he wouldn’t be considered in the same league as Michael Jordan.  But he was white and entertaining.  That’s why people liked him.  Uhhhhh, Mr. “Moose” you’re a damn fool, though he might not have been as been as athletic, if you don’t think that Larry Bird is one of the best players of all time, then your basketball acumen is definitely suspect and I truly question if you qualify to run a league of any sort.
  • he claims that “fans have spoken to AABA asking to restore on court sanity to the game of basketball.  Their pleas are our mission.”  uhhhh, what fans?  The ones that also have a membership in your chapter of the Klan?  I damn sure wasn’t the same fans that voted for this years All Star teams.
  • finally, Mr. “Moose” states that “…. fundamentally sound [W]hite players are a dying species.  Uhhh, I give up!  What’s the difference in your proposed league and the N.B.A. circa 1955, when the league struggled to attract fans but, white people were showing up in droves to see The Harlem Globtrotters.

Mr. “Moose”, your idea is both profoundly and undeniably racist, for  all the above reasons.  It is intuitively obvious to even the most casual observer that you assume that black people are great basketball players, not because they worked hard from an early age to perfect their skills-but because they were just born gifted. Hey, here’s another good idea-when you form your league, let’s have the games televised only in black and white to viewed only on old black & white TV’s.  Then you won’t have to work hard enough to afford a new color flat screen.


What is Aides Graffiti!


What is “a tall glass o’ water”!

I just remember that it was simply H- O- T, hot! The temperature was hovering around 102 degrees in Melbourne and we’d been on stage close to forty five minutes; I was soaked. I could only feel sorry for the 90 thousand plus fans that had packed in like sardines and had already weathered the Australian sun and humidity for ten hours, after all , it was festival season and I guess that’s what people do, get festive. Nevertheless, there were casualties. People were dropping like flies and there was not ,nearly, enough medical personnel to handle a crowd that large nor was there enough water. I called to Frank, one of our stage techs for a bottle of water and that’s when I learned that the festival officials had confiscated all of the water from backstage to help with all of the people collapsing from heat exaustion. My saving grace was that Kanye was calling an audible to skip the next song and move to the last number so we could hurry up and get this over. The heat was getting to be crucial!

Yo, Frank!! Wus up with that water, Fam??

Finally, after almost an hour,  the last note had been played and I was hurrying down the steps at the side of the stage toward the air conditioned trailers for something cold and wet, and that’s when I saw her.  I don’t know how she managed to get beyond the barriers and security , but she was walking directly toward me.  It’s not uncommon for fans to finagle their way backstage, but this girl didn’t have the desperate look of a groupy.  She had an innocent aire of sincerity about her.  I could tell she was different.  She reached me as I reached the bottom step and in her quiet manner stated the obvious to me, “You look like you could use a drink.”  My interest had been piqued and I gestured for her to follow toward the trailers.  I knew that there was something special about her, but how special I didn’t know.  Her name was Alice and this is her story.


What is Big Sean “Million Dollars” (Official Video)

This is a great video!! Big Ups Big Sean!!

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