What is up for 2010!!!

Hawaiian New Years

It’s been said that how a person brings in the New Year is an indicator of how the year will go. So this year, I thought about kicking it off someplace warm and beautiful, tropical, even.  Maybe throw in some water and palm trees. Hawaii would be nice. Perhaps it would translate into the “World Famous Tony Williams international tour”. Regardless of what 2010 actually brings, it was a blast spending it with my G.O.O.D. Music family (which incidentally includes some of my real family). Ahhh, The G.O.O.D. Music family, that’s wus up!! In 2010, I will definitely deliver more G.O.O.D. music. Anyone Catch Really Doe on Jimmy Kimmel last week? He’s also scheduled for “Monique” this week! Maybe there is something to this, “bringing the new year in right” theory.

We kicked it off right New Years Eve...

One things for sure, the weather here in Honolulu beats the hell out of being at home, it’s been in the 80’s, every day. Even when it rains, it’s only a short and light tropical kinda’ rain that always promises a nice rainbow at the end. Let’s not mention, how I been “doin” these cats on the basketball court, they’ll tell you and that’s when it happened! Five days into the new year and a setback, Cousin Ricky inbounded the ball to Kanye and just as I planted to go for the steal, “BOOM”, I thought someone had come up behind me and kicked the shit outta’ the back of my leg (really it felt like a baseball bat)! My achilles tendon exploded! Yup, that’s what happened, and we was bout to run ’em.

The weather in Honolulu is slammin..

We had front row at Elton John's show

So as I write this blog post from the sideline, I promise that I will not spend 2010 as a spectator. I will view all setbacks as temporary and have committed to being tenacious in my pursuit of delivering G.O.O.D. music in 2010.  Look for  my mixtape, The World Famous Tony Williams: Finding Dakota Grey  to drop in February.  For a sample of it, please check out my January 9 post, if you hadn’t already .  “Linda Garota”, a song that features me with Brazilian rapper Cabal is tasty.

We won't be on the sideline in 2010. (peep Common on the court)


I won’t be on the sideline in 2010 … (peep common on the court)

Harley Pasternak .. Fitness Guru and author of Five Factor Fitness


Sir Elton John

Ibn Jasper ... World class barber, stylist and designer

Virgil Abloh designed the Delux Nike Cast ... Pastelle design team

cousin Ricky

Kid Cudi

"Love & Freedom" ... Common

Love You Cuzo, Am Dog "Arf Arf" (Amber Rose)

G.L.C. ... "Church WAS on the move"

Mr. Hudson

No I.D. ... Producer

there are no losses, only delays in victory ... Malik Yuseff

Mana (it means 'power' in Hawaiian) #14 Hawaii Pacific Univ. womans hoops

Ol Skool Ice-Gre ... G.O.O.D. Music A&R

Kaye Fox ... R&B vocalist/songwriter

Jeff Bhaskar .. Kanye keyboardist, 808 co-producer, wrote "Sleeping With A Broken Heart" for Alecia Keys

Lauren .. stylist

Ari ... Creighton University womans hoops

Monica ... #12 Hawaii Pacific University womans hoops

Rob .... our Hawaii driver

Anthony Kilhoffer ... recording engineer

Daneya ... a.k.a nyachii

Plain Pat


6 Responses to “What is up for 2010!!!”

  1. January 12, 2010 at 2:06 AM

    you sounds GOOD with auto-tune! get well soon!

  2. 3 R-nz
    January 12, 2010 at 8:48 PM

    Rest that leg and get well soon!

  3. January 12, 2010 at 11:47 PM

    i gotta say wassup 2 tony williams!!. get well brother looking forward toa lot of G.O.O.D music in the future..yall are like roc-a-fella without the drama

  4. 5 Aka mean african lady
    January 15, 2010 at 7:55 PM

    Get well soon tony x

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