What is “a tall glass o’ water”!

I just remember that it was simply H- O- T, hot! The temperature was hovering around 102 degrees in Melbourne and we’d been on stage close to forty five minutes; I was soaked. I could only feel sorry for the 90 thousand plus fans that had packed in like sardines and had already weathered the Australian sun and humidity for ten hours, after all , it was festival season and I guess that’s what people do, get festive. Nevertheless, there were casualties. People were dropping like flies and there was not ,nearly, enough medical personnel to handle a crowd that large nor was there enough water. I called to Frank, one of our stage techs for a bottle of water and that’s when I learned that the festival officials had confiscated all of the water from backstage to help with all of the people collapsing from heat exaustion. My saving grace was that Kanye was calling an audible to skip the next song and move to the last number so we could hurry up and get this over. The heat was getting to be crucial!

Yo, Frank!! Wus up with that water, Fam??

Finally, after almost an hour,  the last note had been played and I was hurrying down the steps at the side of the stage toward the air conditioned trailers for something cold and wet, and that’s when I saw her.  I don’t know how she managed to get beyond the barriers and security , but she was walking directly toward me.  It’s not uncommon for fans to finagle their way backstage, but this girl didn’t have the desperate look of a groupy.  She had an innocent aire of sincerity about her.  I could tell she was different.  She reached me as I reached the bottom step and in her quiet manner stated the obvious to me, “You look like you could use a drink.”  My interest had been piqued and I gestured for her to follow toward the trailers.  I knew that there was something special about her, but how special I didn’t know.  Her name was Alice and this is her story.


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