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what is my new Facebook and Twitter pages!

I remember arriving at a studio session and pulling into the driveway and finding some producer type friends of mine outside cranking some sounds in the car. They had just installed c.d. players in their cars.  That was a long time ago, but I still remember how ridiculous I thought it was. I had never seen anything like that before.  Not in a car.  I remember, like it was yesterday, telling them that, “you guys have gone over board with this one, how can you drive and it not bump and scratch (as if it were a record)?”  Anyway, it was several months before I upgraded my car’s cassette player.  Now, fast forward to the popularity of cellular telephones being used by the masses.  “You mean they’re gonna charge me by the minute … there’s nobody I need to talk to that bad?.”  Once again, months went by.

The irony of it all is that I’ve always considered my self to be cutting edge, but as I reflect I’ve never been quick to embrace some of the most prolific technological advancements.  A couple of years back I recall my manager and publicist hitting me over the head with the fact that I needed to start a blog.  “…but what would I talk about … and why?”  Well, two years and almost 200 posts later, tada!  It’s funny how we all embrace advancements at our own speed.  I can look at my own inner circle and for example, Don C. aways has the latest PDA, the latest this and the latest that, his whole stunt game is to have stuff before anyone else.  In fact, Don C. was the person that bought Common an iPod about a year and a half ago because we all got tired of laughing at him for showing up at the studio with a Walkman disc player and a handful of loose cd’s.  I’m not sure if Common has a laptop, even YET!

So as we dive head first into the year 2010, I  would like to go on record and announce that, with the constant urging of my publicist, I am finally on Facebook and Twitter- two more things to consume my time and attention in the name of staying cutting edge.  Another thing to learn the nuisance of…I mean nuance of.  I was up till 3 a.m. trying to navigate these things and if you see me wandering around  looking lost…..  I can’t believe what I’ve gotten myself into.  The sick thing is that I can’t wait to get back to it.

Find me on Twitter at @TWFTonyWilliams (I think thats how you do it)

Find me on Facebook at World Famous Tony Williams

Just stop by and say Hi, I have very few friends there and I’m kinda lonley.


What is The World Famous Tony Williams: Finding Dakota Grey mixtape


What is “Nightmares” featuring Cello Tha Black Pearl and Tada!!!

Download NIGHTMARES featuring Cello Tha Black Pearl and Tada, the first single from my upcoming mixtape..


What is Raheem Devaughn: aka Mr. February-March Madness!

As a prelude to his March 2nd release of his album, “The Love and War Masterpiece”,  Raheem Devaugn and 368 Music Group presents:  Mr February aka March Madness, a series of remixes, covers, and b sides.  Take it from World Famous…  “Off the Chaaaaiiinnn!”

Download free mixtape here


What is Cello Tha Black Pearl!

What happens when Bob Marley meets Coldplay?  “Cello, Tha Black Pearl”, has layers galore!   Real soul singers are soul the moment they walk out of the door in the morning and any environment they inhabit becomes just that, soulful.  The texture of Cello’s voice is just bananas, I’m feeling like Smokey Robinson, next to it.  The only thing that I question about this cat is whether or not he has all his senses; this native Bahamian now resides in Detroit.  For Real, Cello?  Anyway, stay tuned for the first single, “See You In My Nightmares (the remix)” featureing Cello and  Tada, from my soon to be released mixtape, ” The World Famous Tony Williams: Finding Dakota Grey”.


What is Soulwonder’s Pecan Candy Treats mixtape! (Who Dat?)

In celebration of the New Orlean Saint’s Super Bowl XLIV victory, here’s a lil Louisiana flavor for ya, brought to you by New Orleans own (producer) Soulwonder. Enjoy, and CONGRADULATIONS Champs!!!

download free mixtape here


What is DeAngelo 1,000

This D’Angelo studio session vibe was just leaked…. ahhhh SNAP!!!!

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