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What is Venus wore a red, spagetti-strapped corset!!

The only thing that would’ve made this better is if Venus Williams had given the Kanye shrug before walking off the court after winning her match 6-4, 6-3 at the Sony Ericsson Open.


What is Ricky and I get tatooed at Heart & Soul Ink in Waipahu

I just wanted to thank everyone that hung out with my cousin Ricky and I in UStream World while we got tattooed Wednesday, it was a blast. If you missed it you really missed some kool stuff like like Ricky holding back tears, lol!! My man Lee Maxwell over at Heart & Soul Ink in Waipahu hooked the tats up. For mine, he took an illustration originally drawn by illustrator Francis Vallejo (who, by the way, did the cover art for Finding Dakota Grey) and embellished it nicely!! Ricky chose to have Lee interpret the popular illustration of Jesus pulling the man (depicted in Ricky’s likeness) through his struggles. Anyway, here’s the UStream link if you still wanna witness the fun and excitement.

The World Famous Tony Williams, tatooed by Lee Maxwell

Lee Maxwell hooking up the now famous "King or The Fool" playing card tattoo

the "King or The Fool" tat!!

The "King or The Fool" tat!! Whatcha think?

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What is Kid Sister!!! “Daydreaming” featuring Tony Williams

Cee Lo sang on the U.S. album version of this joint. I was obliged to lace the bridge for the Euro release. It’s funny that they used my version for the video. Anyway… DOPE song!!!


What is Rockwell Knuckles?

Rockwell Knuckles is a dope up and coming artist out of St Louis. After building up a solid buzz online with a string of singles, Rocky recently dropped a new mixtape, Choose Your Own Adventure, which includes one of the dopest songs I’ve heard in the past year, ‘Spontaneous Lover (Government Name)’.

This past weekend I got to see firsthand what all the buzz is about. Rockwell SHUT DOWN the NahRight x SmokingSection Grand Ole Party at SXSW. He’s a good dude and makes some really dope music. Check it out! The track listing/ download link are below…

Download Choose Your Own Adventure via Usershare


What is “Irish Celebration”… Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

I know i’m posting this a little late but for some reaoson I feel like you’ve probably had a few too many green beers and you’re probably just now raising your face out of the potatoe salad.  Anyway, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here’s a little something from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, The VS.EP. with a real Irish hip-hop twist. Download the project and peep the joint Irish Celebration.

Download The VS.EP here


What is Groove Chambers “In The Bag!”

Whenever I’m in Atlanta I hang out with Groove Chambers at his Tree Leaf Studio. Ever since I met him through No I.D. he’s extended the invite for me to call the spot home.  The place has an air of magic and wreaks of hits.  Afterall, this is the guy that produced 10 joints on Nappy Roots platinum debut album, Watermelon, Chicken & Grits, including the hit single Aw Naw and has the plaques on the wall to remind you.  He also produced Lip Gloss for Lil Mama.  Now Groove is coming from behind the board and into the booth and has just dropped a single, In The Bag and it appears that radio is starting to take notice… and rappers are starting to “take notes!”

Download Groove’s new single In The Bag

Tree Leaf studio... My ATL home.... here I'm waiting for Raheem Devaugn to exit the booth... we killed one for my album..


What is Consequence “Movies On Demand” mixtape!!

Aiight!! Aiight!! Ima get straight to the point!! Im killin the hook on song #7 “Don’t Stand So Close”!!  YESSIR!! Along with my partner in crime, Num… and that crazy scream ain’t no sample (peep game, Lol!!)  This Consequence mixtape is soooo CRAZY!!

Click HERE for free mixtape download

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