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What is Dakota Grey Live from the Village Underground!! “Way I Like It”

I love Dakota Grey!!  That’s why I made her the focal point of my latest project.  She’s the kinda artist that comes around only ever so often that has that perfect mix of smooth and power vocals, classic swag, and real artistic flair.  If you weren’t around Sunday night when I tweeted out that she was about to do her thing live at the  legendary Village Underground via streaming video, well your in luck.  Check this out!!!


What is Pee Wee gets an ipad!! (…don’t call it a comeback..)


What is corrections for Finding Dakota Grey mixtape back cover!

I love liner notes and album cover design. It’s what I miss the most about ‘albums’ on wax. I was recently prompted to pull out Stevie’s Songs In The Key Of Life from 1976 in an effort to proove that Minnie Ripperton and Deniece Williams sang background on a song together on it.  This was before they were “Minnie Ripperton” and “Deniece Williams.”  For this reason I am a preserver of history.  I also remember the first time I read my own name in liner notes.  More than that I remember the first time I didn’t see my name in liner notes where it should have been.  For anyone else that cares whether or not they have an accurate account of history where this mixtape is concerned, I’ve printed an updated back cover with corrections.


What is Chop Chop Balboa! (That Red Durt!)

I remember my lil cousin, as kid, coming to Oklahoma and saying that it looked as if someone had sprinkled seasoned salt everywhere.   A distinct Oklahoma characteristic really is its red dirt.  For years I searched for the words to describe the unique hyptnotic soul that was inherent in artist coming out of … Oklahoma.  It’s like how Tony Toni Tone, back in the day, had put their finger on the pulse of what was going on in the Bay area and called it the “Oakland stroke.”   The ‘Oklahoma sound’ has feel and sound that just runs through you after after rolling up through the wooden floor boards of one of those old school Churches and goes straight into your bones.  You feel it everytime you here some GAP band or some Charlie Wilson, you know what I’m talkin’ bout.  Like barbeque- whoever said that Memphis was the “king” of the south had had barbeque from Oklahoma.  In fact you ain’t seen the south until ya seen that “Red Durt!”

Chop Chop Balboa rep’n “tha eastside” Oklahoma City.  Check for him in the first video from The World Famous Tony Williams: Finding Dakota Grey mixtape, “Still Got Love” coming real soon.

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