Wha is the Ugly Face … by Edbassmaster!

All I know is that my grandmother use to say, “God don’t like ugly.”  That statement always stuck with me and quickly comes to mind, whenever I hear someone refer to another person as ugly- that’s some gall.  I mean it’s not like good looks is a talent, ya know what I mean?  Someone that trains for years to become a world class gymnast (or sumthing) is admirable, but a person born with the gift of beauty should consider themselves blessed, remain humble and carry on for they did nothing to warrant the blessing.  You know how there are people that need to demean someone else in order to feel good about themselves,  while all along feeling as if it’s their target that should have the esteem issue.  There are even online lists that rank the top 10 ugliest female celebs (which by the way list Whoopi Goldberg and Cher… what?), ugliest male celebs, ugliest people in the world, etc., etc.  Ill say it again, “God don’t like ugly!”

Now, the ugly face is a whole different thing.  The ugly face is about absolute hilarity, and not at someone else’s expense.  Laughter ranks right up there with food and air as far as I’m concerned.  In fact, I’ve been giving people the ugly face for years.  Anyone that has ever been in my proximity and (Apostle) Lewis Bell, pastor of He Restoreth My Soul World Outreach, in Oklahoma City, one of my best friends in the world as well as spritual advisor, when we’re together, can attest that some ugly face just might jump off.  I mean we’ll just walk up to a person and hit ’em with the ugly face (aka the party grabber) and then laugh like God likes ugly.    Laughter is healthy.  Good laughter is contagious and heals.

This brings me to yesterday morning when I awoke to the weight of the world on my shoulders.  Par usual, the first thing I did was open my laptop to monitor the early morning developments when I ran across Edbassmaster productions.  I spent the next twenty minutes, literally, busting a gut.  Edbassmaster, I thank you and I salute you for doggedly spreading laughter the way you do, sir.  I laughed until I cried.  In fact, my daughter said, “that’s something you’d do daddy.”  She’s right, I’ve got an ugly face.


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