What is the “Everything About You” video stills

I’m so EXCITED!!  A few days ago I got to see the first edit of the “Everything About You” video, the first single to be released from my upcoming project “King or The Fool” and in my opinion it is absolutely… uhhh… AMAZING!!!  yeah, that’s what it is.  I think I hear someone saying, “hey, ain’t that the song that was suppose to come out last year or somethin’ like that?”  Yeah, I know, I know… remember this?

Anyway, the wait is finally over (for me as much as it is for you).  It’s been a frustrating last couple of years trying to get the project out but I guess that’s the business.   The good thing is that during the interim I’ve had time to do much tweaking and perfecting and I am well pleased with it.  I’m also excited to have heard that the “King or The Fool” (the mixtape version) video which was shot several months ago in Atlanta by director Count Justice is nearing completion.

“Everything About You”, the video, which features actors Kamille McCuin and Thomas Mosley, was directed by Dallas director Jaun Salas and was shot at various locations in and around Dallas.

I'm 'bout to get my Jeffrey Wright on... oh c'mon ..."Cadilac Records?" .. he's my favorite actor.

all these laptops... y'all tweetin' each other and in the same damn room... can we shoot this video please?

yeah, whatever Juan... the more time you yell cut, the more times we gottta hit me with more Shiraz..

Hey Kamille... you're in the next scene...

Thomas Mosley going over some lines..

My Kool Kid, Jehireh is also in charge of wardrobe on the set...

I wrote all the dialogue... y'all know how I am with a pen...

COMING SOON!!! "Everything About You"

4 Responses to “What is the “Everything About You” video stills”

  1. August 14, 2010 at 5:21 PM

    Songs sounding nice man, get it out soon!

  2. 2 Michael Greene
    August 19, 2010 at 9:56 PM

    I heard the snippet of that song. Man, you got something special there. Can you at least post the lyrics sometime? It’s sooo deep. Note: Very Nice mixtape! Best R&B mixtape I have on my iPod.

  3. 4 Kamille
    August 25, 2010 at 1:17 AM

    I loooooooooooves this song!!!!! But of course you know this, maaaaan!!! XOXO

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