What is “MORE CATEGORIES PLEASE” (and Complex Magazines 50 Hottest Hawaiian Women”

If i could say there’s one thing that we need more of in the world today I’d say that it’d be … uhhhh… CATEGORIES. Yes, that’s it, categories, so that things can be measured and judged against things that bear a likeness to one another. For example- I’ve never been a fan of The Grammy’s (or any other award show for that matter) because the categories are just so frick’n broad. Personally, I think they should have like “Best R&B album” and then “Best R&B Album- not just because it sold the most copies- but because it was actually the best album”. Hell, you know (at least in America) that it doesn’t have be that good for us all to subscribe to it. Or even better, how about an entire awards show for “Songs that consist of music” and then an entirely SEPARATE SHOW for “Songs that consist of three or more spoken words from Lil Wayne”?

I was in a discussion about why categories and classifications exist. What was posed was that the reason that they exist is to help define and/or redefine the masses and/or drive them to make the distinctions that generate revenue or desired outcomes for the elite or for those who stand to make the greatest capital gains. Is it not ironic that those who are considered refined individuals are known for “discriminating” taste. In other words, elitist develop groupings, sub groupings and classifications mostly to define us common people, but fool us into believing that we are making choices, have an opinion, offering viable input, when all the while, they are building businesses, building brands, creating icons all because we subscribe to their LIMITING classification system, while they maintain their “discriminating” taste. We fail to see  these so called categories limit us, but we believe that they are letting us make the so called rules that allow us to categorize, classify etc. In reality, these systems we use  against one another and ourselves as we  stereotype, divide, classify, categorize and force ourselves into some “box”  where we do not really fit, just to make someone else the richer.  I do not need their limited distinctions, albeit categories. I have the intelligence to make differentiations and I would like to see more categories that afford me the privilege of appreciating, what some might deem as distinctions far too subtle , but most others would agree are noteworthy.

Which brings me finally to COMPLEX Magazines 50 Hottest Hawaiian Woman. Let’s put the emphasis on ‘Hottest’. One might argue that ‘Hot’ is just ‘Hot’- and it can’t be broken down, sliced or rightly divided- it’s just ‘Hot’. Well I beg to differ. Let’s take the Hawaiian hottie that garnered COMPLEX’S number one vote, Jarah Mariano occupation-model, you might remember her from Jay Z’s Show Me What You Got video. One word on Jarah- AMAZING!! Or more appropriately stated, she’s ‘Hot!’ And then there’s number 42, little Jasmine Trias- you might remember her from American idols third season (which in my opinion was the strongest season ever). She was 17 then. Little Jasmine was in deep water with some big fish. Fantasia, J. Hud, LaToya London. I remember her sweet little Hawaiian family in the audience supporting their little Jasmine. In the end it was her sweet innocence that garnered her second runner up. When she sang you said, “now that was ‘Hot'”. And then there’s number 7. Lilly Thai. Occupation- Porn Star….. Porn Star? See what I mean? Stay encouraged Jasmine. Enjoy the poll, everyone.

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1 Response to “What is “MORE CATEGORIES PLEASE” (and Complex Magazines 50 Hottest Hawaiian Women””

  1. 1 Michael Greene
    October 17, 2010 at 6:06 PM

    Categories are needed I suppose. Not everything can be grouped together for a single decision on the best ever. I really don’t like the Grammy’s now just for the fact they decide awards mostly (if not entirely) on sales instead of the quality of music. I mean, sales do count for a part of it, but it shouldn’t be the ultimate determining factor. Smh it seems like quantity over quality these days. Anyway, the Hottest Hawaiian women are too sexy. Makes me wish I could go to Hawaii right now. *sigh*

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