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What is Rolando Diaz!

In the discovery of life we find ourselves looking for the things we can relate to. It is this thought that becomes the basis for the work of Rolando Diaz, a native Cuban-American artist.

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What is Traffick 911!

If you’re like most Americans, you probably aren’t aware that our own children are being forced into sexual slavery right under our noses. It’s an epidemic, growing at an alarming rate with the explosion of the Internet. Sadly, this growing tragedy is happening across our country in big cities and rural areas alike.

Each year, 100,000-300,000 U.S. children are forced into this evil industry for the profit and pleasure of their perpetrators. In fact, human trafficking is already the second-largest and fastest growing criminal activity in the world. It’s anticipated it will shortly overtake drugs as the No. 1 crime because you can sell a drug once, but you can sell a person over and over. They sell these children 10, 20 or more times a night.

I was horrified when I learned of this brutalization of innocent children and  wanted to make sure you are aware of it, too. These children are voiceless. Let’s come together and be their voice. And, let’s protect our own children. Most of us think something like this could never touch our families, but it can happen to any child.

This issue is urgent. Once a child is forced into it, his or her average life expectancy is just 7 short years. We must act now. Learn more by visiting or by following Traffick911 on facebook or on Twitter.

The scope is huge, but, together, we can make a difference one child at a time.


What is RonKat Spearman’s Katdelic “The One”

Yes the prologue does feature George Clinton, but what follows is simply Katdelic.  If you’re not familiar, let me introduce to you… The P-Funk All Star…. the one RonKat Spearman  “The One”

WHAT???  Oh, you didn’t know? (*smacks lips) Now you know…


What is funny as hell (vol. 7)




What is “Everything About You” (directors cut)!


What is “EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU” behind the scenes!


What is the gap!

This post was inspired by an article that I ran across with the headlines “Gap-toothed woman are in vogue.”  Oh really?  “In vogue, like… we get a season?  It never ceases to amaze me that at given times certain  “looks” are more in vogue than others. You hear the songs talking about ” light skin” being in, “dark skin” being out, tall dark and handsome being the preference for sistahs; “yellow bones being the preference for brothas, on and on it goes. I, even read, an article that El Debarge was bringing  ” light skinned back” with the looks that he equates are a  version similar to Clark Gable’s. I remember a recent conversation with one very well known rapper (even more World Famous than I) stopping to recompose himself after initiating a conversation with me that started with, “I just came from the dentist and got every space in my mouth closed up.”  Just recently, even more ,to my surprise was the recent attention that gap-toothed chicks are receiving. I read a blog that mentioned that now gaps are in vogue and that the models during Paris’ Fashion Week were sporting them just as confidently as they were sporting the latest runway fashions. The article speaks to the fact that the “mid-line diastema” has become intriguing as we become more tired with “cookie cutter” beauty(Btw, i learned that this ‘mid-line diastema’ is the dental term for the gap). As a result, the models, during this season’s Fashion Week, did not feel the usual pressure to “correct” this current beauty marker. I guess what I appreciate about myself is that I do not subscribe to the notion that any one look is more “en vogue” than another. I have always appreciated what was not “cookie cutter”. I remember having a crush on the lady on the original 1970’s “Electric Company”.  That same lady was used as cover art on one of my favorite GAP band albums.  Over the years, when the diastema was not vogue, one could not deny that Pam Grier, Susan Taylor, Madonna etc. were attractive women, moreover, it was probably that “diastema” that made them so appealing. Growing up, I recall how beautifully my Aunt Donda, (Kanye’s mother) sported her gap with that infectious smile that could light up any room. I inherited that same gap, so I guess my looks in vogue. Hope us, gap havers don”t go out of style anytime soon!

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