Let me start off by saying that what I’m about to report is one hundred percent accurate and true, at least to the best of my recollection.  In April of 2010 I posted stills on this blog site from the video shoot for King or The Fool (https://tonywilliamsmusic.wordpress.com/2010/04/21/what-is-the-king-or-the-fool-video-shoot-stills/).  That would be the King or The Fool version that showed up on my 2010 mixtape, The World Famous Tony Williams: FINDING DAKOTA GREY.  As stated in that 2010 post, I had lofty expectations for the final project.

That video was shot in Atlanta at Tree Sound Studios by Count Justice of the Three Little Digs.  I happened to be slumming around the studio that particular weekend… just piddling around… Justice (who is first and foremost an engineer and producer)started cooking up beats that morning and Paul Revear and I penned lyrics to “Not The One” and then I laid a rough vocal.  That same rough vocal was the one you heard on SOME OF MY BEST RAPPERS ARE FRIENDS.  We, also, laid the first vocal draft for SLEEPOVER that weekend.

Anyway, back to that video.  We ended up making a few calls and in a few hours, we had a studio full of hotties and several of my homey  rapper/ friends.  Friends like Donnis, Knowledge (Kidz In The Hall), Micky Facts, Kyle Lucas,  Mama Sol,  CyHi Tha Prince, G.L.C., and Sean Falyon……  Reason being, the directors soon to be known as Three Little Digs had recently purchased new camera and editing equipment.  You see, this was the first full fledged music video venture they had undertaken.  Our plan was to service the video to the internet within a few weeks, but something went wrong.  Something went terribly wrong and what had happened was this- Aliens infiltrated the studio and made off with about a terabyte of data from a hard drive, more specifically, the hard drive that contained the data from the video shoot.  These were the type of aliens that morph into human physical form, like the ones from Men In Black.  It was later learned that they had posed as interns.

For two years now, we’ve been collecting intelligence pertaining to this clan of alien’s modus operandum, while preparing to raid their headquarters and retrieve our data.  Three weeks ago, we got the tipoff that we needed, and led by James “Groove” Chambers (producer) and the others of the Three Little Digs crew, Lawrence O’connor, Tristin McClain, Count Justice, Prentis Brown and myself, launched an attack on the aliens hideout.  We caught them by surprise, but that’s not to say that it wasn’t ugly.  In fact, it was downright scary.  We all managed to escape with our lives and the stolen data, although while fleeing, “Groove” chambers, who I think used to be some kind of track and field athlete, fell and lost the data containing the footage of Cyhi The Prince, Knowledge and about fourteen of Atlanta’s coldest skrippas.

We still don’t know what motives the aliens had for stealing our data, but it’s very coincidental that since then recordings have been made with Donnis (“Outta Here”), Sean Faylon, (“Slow Down” and “Welfare), as well appearances on SOMBRAF by G.L.C. (“Not The One”), Micky Facts (“Hero In The Morning”), Mama Sol (“Hero In The Morning” and “You Got Soul”), Knowledge (“Put Me Back Together”), Kyle Lucas (“Put Me Back Together” and “Caught Up”) and Cyhi Tha Prince (“Caught Up”).  We may never know…. doo doo doo doo-doo doo doo doo (Twighlight Zone Melody).

Hats off to the entire Three Little Diggs  crew for burning the candle at both ends to get this video edited expeditiously.

Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare yourself for … From The World Famous Tony Williams: FINDING DAKOTA GREY MIXTAPE…King or The FOOL, the video

Directed By Three Little Digs and Tony Williams


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